A look at Top 6 Exotic Hawaiian Dishes for Evening Parties

Much like the serene locale, Hawaiian recipes too have a distinct exoticism served with delicious splash of originality. Unlike Asian and European cuisines, Hawaiian style of cooking is absolutely hoked to its native origin. Indigenously Polynesian in its flavour, true Hawaiian food largely consists of five well defined styles of cooking. More or less, you would be definitely dealing with lot of sea fishes, pork, yams, sugarcane, coconut and spicy toppings.

Hawaiian cuisine has a touch of originality in it despite heavy influence from Portuguese, Spanish, Oriental and Korean style of cooking. Some of the ingredients used in cooking are exclusively farmed and cultured in the Pacific archipelago. Let us take a look at top 6 Hawaiian Dishes for Evening Parties.

1. Lau-ki leaves

Also called as “Elephant ears” in Asia, it is actually a variety of taro leaves. The stew is a popular dish in Polynesian islands and rainforests. But in Hawaii, it gets it an extravagant culinary twist. It is often used as a wrap to steam and roast meat, fish, clams and crabs. Fried in vegetable oil after coating the surface with sugarcane juice, it is often rolled like spring rolls.

Another popular recipe is Palusami or Lu’au which is cooked using coconut, avocado and potatoes.

2. Jicama

It is a core ingredient in most Hawaiian recipes. Jicama is to Hawaii, what potatoes and yam to the rest of the world. It is also called Mexican turnip for its uncanny resemblance. It can be baked, roasted as well as cooked with shrimp paste. Jicama slaw is the traditional veggie salad prepared using rice vinegar, fresh lime juice and seasoned with cilantro, mint and olive oil.

3. Lomi salmon

Lomi Salmon
Sunbathed salmons are often spiced to create a crunchy side dish. But there is nothing on the planet that can beat the culinary art of making delicious Lomi salmon. Lomi-lomi is served in Hawaii spruced with tomato, sweet onions, cucumber and chilli pepper.
Lomi salmon complements the main course consisting of sea weeds, pork and tuna fish.

4. Callaloo

Hawaiian delicacies won’t disappoint a vegetarian either. It is a popular Caribbean recipe that gets its exotic flavour from the southern island group. Cooked using fresh taro, amaranth and sea weeds, Callaloo is steamed using okra and coconut water.
Crab Callaloo and pork stew is served during festive events.

5. Ahi poke

Ahi poke
Prepared using tuna fish, ahi poke is the most sought-after Polynesian recipe online. Apart from tuna’s regular slice, Hawaiian kitchens are known for their experiments using octopus, crabs and shells. Traditional Hawaiian condiments topping ahi poke are candle nut, fish eggs, wasabi, Maui onions, Furikake wrap and soy sauce.
It is the Hawaiian version of sashimi and fish tartare.

6. Haupia

For the love of dessert, here is something that every Hawaiian menu will feature. Haupia is more or less similar to European blancmange pudding. The flavoursome dessert gets its prodigaltaste from the exotic concoction of cooked coconut milk mixed with arrowroot sap and starch.

“Haupia Pies” are sold in most McDonald’s outlet across America and Oceania.


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