Top 6 Best Hawaiian Wedding entrée Recipes

Hawaiian native entrée recipes feature delicious sea foods and exotic salad ingredients. Inspired heavily by Portuguese and French style of cooking, Hawaiian wedding entrée recipes are servedwith a touch of indigenous creativity. French ships arrived for the first time on the sands of Hawaii in 1786, and since then there has been a give-take relation as far as recipes go.

Here are 6 amazingly delicious Hawaiian wedding entrée recipes that just can’t go unnoticed.

1.  Crab cakes with coleslaw:

Decked with fresh cabbage leave shreds, coleslaw prepared in Hawaiian food recipe style contains a healthy dash of soy sauce and tomato juice. What comes as a fiery enhancement is the crab cake. Crab cakes are delicious fish cakes prepared using cooked crab meat after it is boiled, roasted or fried.

Crab cakes with coleslaw
Crab cakes contain crunchy bread crumbs with condensed milk and mayonnaise, shaken with fresh raw eggs. Depending on your taste preference, you can either add jackfruit slices or pepper.

How to serve:

After topping it with mustard sauce, shrimp sauce and Tabasco, crab cakes with coleslaw are served hot and cold along with tropical fruit juice.

2.  Tahitian Poisson Cru:

Raw fish marinated in coconut milk and lime juice is something that calls for intense experiment. A national dish of Tahiti, Hawaiian style of cooking has actually turned this entrée recipe into its own party dish. Poisson cru cooked in Hawaiian shacks has a tantalising sweet and exotic aroma, with no trace of the ‘signature’ raw fish odour.

Tahitian Poisson Cru
Poisson cru is a sushi-inspired dish prepared using fresh cold tuna, mackerel and octopus. It is topped with lettuce and artichoke, along with tomatoes and papaya slices.

3.  Ginger Butter Mahi Mahi with Teriyaki sauce:

Prepared using the most popular marine fish- the common Dolphinfish, the Mahimahi dish is a regular wedding entrée member. Also named as Dorado and Lampuga, Mahaimahi is best consumed when it is grilled, broiled and tempered in coconut water and lime juice.

Ginger Butter Mahi Mahi with Teriyaki sauce
Overflowing with flavours known only in Polynesian islands, ginger butter Mahimahi with teriyaki sauce has a firm texture, ready for serving in less than 30 minutes.

4.  Hawaiian Poblano Fried Rice:

Finally something that can be relished by vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike, Hawaiian Poblano is a Mexican chilli with a mild pungency factor. Also called Ancho, Poblano is cooked in olive oil along with large shrimps and crabs.

Hawaiian Poblano Fried Rice
For a delicious twist to the recipe, most weddings serve the fried rice with chorizo sausages made of dried pork meat. Topped with slices of pineapple and lime juice, this dish has a tangy taste and a smooth texture.

5.  Pork Gyoza:

Straight from the Japaneseisakaya, the pork gyoza is something no wedding will miss out on. The dumplings are filled with ground pork, poblano, ginger, shrimps, crab meat and cabbage. The dumplings can be steamed till brown or fried in olive oil till they turn golden with a caramel texture.

Pork Gyoza
6.  Shrimp scampi with Ocean Salad:

A salad recipe with ingredients from riches of the sea, Hawaiian shrimp sacmpi is served with linguini and spaghetti cooked more or like Chinese noodles.

Shrimp scampi with Ocean Salad


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