The Love for Sea food explained in Hawaiian way

It could be the 50th and the most recent state of the United States of America, but in terms of food culture, it is Light Years away. Entirely composed of islands, Hawaii is known for its Oceania-inspired cuisine and food habits. Part volcanic and mostly covered by evergreen forest, Hawaii is nothing short of a beach paradise, considering that nearly 90 percent of the archipelago feasts on Hawaiian seafood and marine vegetation.

Here are top sea food ingredients and recipes that make visiting Hawaii a pleasant experience for the tourists.

Hawaiian Shrimp meat with noodles:

Owing to its Japanese origin, Hawaiian shrimp meat is the most prolific recipe in the list of exotic seafood items. Served more or less like a sushi platter, spam is essentially a canned pre-cooked meat of crab, shellfish and other crustacean items. It could also contain meat of cattle, goat, poultry and lamb. Served with noodles, Hawaiian shrimp tastes awesome with fried eggs, stirred in traditional Canola oil and decked with grated coconut.

Hawaiian Shrimp meat with noodles
Mahi mahi in Tomato curry:

Locals prefer Mahimahi over other sea foods due to its abundance and superior taste. Also called the Hawaiian dolphinfish, mahi-mahi recipes in tomato curry are adored by locals and tourists alike. Cooked in macadamia nut oil, the fish fillets are covered in corn starch and fried till they turn golden. The traditional flavour is attributed to the specially farmed Maui onions, grated asparagus and Hawaiian sea salt.

Mahi mahi in Tomato curry
Inamona salad adds up as the side dish when Mahi-mahi features as part of the afternoon maincourse menu.

Pipipi and lobster tails in garlic butter:

Pipipi is a kind of shellfish that is cooked alongside crayfish and lobster tails. Extracted from the shoreline, the pipipi is cleaned after warming for 10 minutes in hot water. The shells are removed and then added to the lobster meat dish. It is cooked in chopped garlic, oregano, shallots and Brussel sprouts. Crushed tomatoes, Maui onion and sweet potato are added to create a rather flavoursome dish. Yam, asparagus, apricot and grated almonds are added to create a soft and hard crust.

Served with shrimp sauce and garlic butter buns, the taste is heavily adored when sided by a glass of Mimosa drink.

Tahitian Poisson cru:

A decorative poke recipe that figures among the most nutritious body-building items in the Polynesian cuisine, this is a rather refreshing seafood item that has loads of good things to talk about. Sliced vegetables, soaked in coconut sauce and loaded with raw tuna fillets… Poisson cru is a juicy affair with its sushi-grade flavour making the recipe all the more enticing.

Tahitian Poisson cru
Seaweed salad with Ahi Poke:

A fast food in every sense, this recipe defies the law of attraction. Seemingly bland in texture and taste, seaweed salad is marinated in lime juice, lettuce and Hawaiian salt. The belched weed is then added to Tuna tartare. Black pepper gives the recipe a spicy appeal, while the soy sauce and shrimp meat neutralises the fiery taste to a certain extent. Garnishing is done using Maui onion and pineapple slices, served with Blue Curacao cocktail drink.

Seaweed salad with Ahi Poke

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