Top 4 Delightful Party Hawaiian Recipes

Hawaiian recipes are quick to prepare and they are served in minutes as well. Easy on the eyes, and delightful in taste, there are more than 1500 distinct Hawaiian recipes that attribute their existence to cross cultural exchange in culinary skills.

For its quick cooking time, Hawaiian recipes are most sought after party items. Be it a group picnic, cocktail appetiser party or a full own formal main course, here are four mouth watering Hawaiian recipes for the party outing.

1.  Wasabi Salmon In Nori Wraps:

Nori is the edible seaweed algae found extensively in the shallow ocean around Hawaii and Honolulu. Considered the Ocean Spinach, the seaweed algae is the most prominent side dish for any party. It is a delicious item with none of its leafy grains or the salty texture coming in the way of a sumptuous meal.

Wrapped around salmon fillets, it is a step ahead from the traditional wasabi or sushi. With preparation time of just 15 minutes, you can munch on the herb-filled wrap, topped with best of thyme, mint, parsley and basil.

Wasabi Salmon In Nori Wraps
Served with mustard sauce and mayonnaise, Wasabi salmon in nori wraps is a dippy affair when sided with crab and shrimp sauce.

2.  Chicken chilli on Mochiko:

Love for boneless meat is evident in the way Hawaiians cook their stuff. The thigh portion is cut into biteable pieces and dipped in corn starch for few minutes. Left into Canola oil for a deep fry, the Mochiko gives the recipe a crusty flavour. Sometimes, nori is wrapped like a noodle and filled with paste of garlic, ginger and onion.

Chicken chilli on Mochiko

Chilli sauce is then poured over the deep fried chicken and garnished with mint and cheese gratings.

3.  Boneless Chicken Lollipops with Daiquiri Dip:

The same recipe is given an appetising appeal by bringing in the other parts of the chicken meat. The boneless parts are grilled and placed on the skewer. The chicken lollipops and chicken wings are marinated with coconut cream, pineapple liqueur and honey sauce.

Boneless Chicken Lollipops with Daiquiri Dip
The dip sauce consist of red chilli paste, coriander paste and shrimp paste, thickened with cream of coconut and glazed to pink shade by adding the home-blended daiquiri extract.

4.  Fish cake patties with Shrimp sauce:

Yummy bites of shrimps, lobsters, crab meat and shell fish are perfect for quick party meals. The regular fish fillets are used to wrap the meat of the crunchy molluscs and crab flesh. The use of macadamia nuts and apricot makes the filling even more enticing. Shaped in different cuts, Fish patties is decked with parsley, spring onions, Maui onions, tomatoes and of course, yam.

Fish cake patties with Shrimp sauce
For those who love to wish to taste the recipes from Cholesterol Hall of Fame, these fish fillets are again wrapped with a blanked of Sunshine Egg Yellows and maple syrup.

Fishes used in the recipe are salmon, tuna, mackerel, eel, cod and milkfish.

Heavily influenced by the Polynesian food habits and Oriental style of cooking, Hawaiian food culture is all about smoothness, texture and of course, coconuts!


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