Oven Kalua-Style Ham

My first memory of having this dish was after a school fundraiser. The ham had been prepared old-fashioned styled, in am imu (underground oven). Since then, I have been served and have prepared this dish many many times.

The saltiness and the richness of the ham come through when prepared this way, low and slow. Great to serve with sliced potato o sweet bread rolls.

Oven Kalua-Style Ham


  • 8-10 lb. ham, skin trimmed
  • 10-12 large ti leaves, washed, stems removed
  • aluminum foil, as needed

Cooking Process:

Preheat oven to 250 degrees. Line large baking/roasting pan with sheets of aluminum foil long enough to wrap ham with. Place half of ti leaves on foil, lining bottom on pan completely. Place ham on ti leaves. Top cover ham with remaining ti leaves. Bring ends of foil up around ham; seal foil tightly around ham. Bake 8 hours Optional to cook in a slow cooker: Use small enough ham to fit in crock pot. Layer “well oiled” ti leaves in bottom and around sides of crock pot. Place ham with ¼ cup of water in crock pot. Start on “high” for 5 hours; reduce to “low” and cook for about 3 hours, or until ham easily shreds.

how to serve:

For service: Shred ham with 2 forks. Serve with potato rolls or sweetbread rolls. Serves 10-12.

For more Kalua Pig Recipes Visit here@ Hawaiian Kalua Pig Recipes


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